The Book

Advances in Contemplative Psychotherapy is a manifesto of one of the most promising breakthrough fields in contemporary science and public health: the multidisciplinary confluence of cutting-edge neuroscience, psychology, and psychotherapy with humanity’s timeless contemplative arts and sciences preserved in the East.

Contextualizing the rise of mindfulness based therapies as the first of three waves in this confluence, this volume brings together leading pioneers to explain that first wave and introduce readers to the second and third: compassion-based and embodied contemplative therapies.

Edited by the team of contemplative psychotherapists behind the acclaimed Nalanda Institute Contemplative Psychotherapy Program, its contributor list reads like a who’s who of pioneering scholars, researchers, and practitioners, including Robert Thurman, Daniel Siegel, Tara Brach, Paul Fulton, Sharon Salzberg, Rick Hanson, Christopher Germer, Pilar Jennings, and Mariana Caplan.

Table of Contents


Roshi Joan Halifax


Joseph Loizzo

Part One: Mindfulness and Personal Healing

Buddhist Origins of Mindfulness Meditation

Miles Neale

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Practicing Presence and Resilience

Sharon Salzberg

Positive Neuroplasticity: The Neuroscience of Mindfulness

Rick Hanson

Meditative Psychoanalysis

Jeffrey Rubin

Mindfulness Practice as Advanced Training for the Clinician

Paul Fulton

Part Two: Compassion and Social Healing

The Social Psychology of Compassion and Altruism

Koncha Pinós-Pey

The Supreme Medicine of Exchanging Self-Enclosure for Altruism

Robert Thurman

Interpersonal Connection, Compassion, and Well-Being: The Science and Art of Healing Relationships

Daniel J. Siegel

Compassion in Psychotherapy

Christine Braehler and Christopher Germer

The RAIN of Self-Compassion: A Simple Practice for Clients and Clinicians

Tara Brach

Part Three: Embodiment and Natural Healing

Tantra, Imagery, and Integral Dynamic Therapy

Emily J. Wolf

Imagery and Trauma: The Psyche’s Push for Healing

Pilar Jennings

Embodied Practice, the Smart Vagus, and Mind-Brain-Body Integration

Joseph Loizzo

How to Be a Transformational Therapist: AEDP Harnesses Innate Healing Affects to Re-wire Experience and Accelerate Transformation

Diana Fosha

Tantric Yoga, Depth Psychology, and the Feminine Perspective: Towards an Integrated Approach to Working with the Psyche

Mariana Caplan